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Cemetery plaque headstone refurbishments including efficient systems of environmental control

A complete transformation of the container including creation & application of painted signage in special coatings to handle severe mining environments

Forecourt asset preparation, priming & 2pac repainting

Graffiti cleaning and or repainting in graffiti _ UV resistant coatings

Insitu refurbishment of fuel pumps with long life protective 2pac coatings including rust and panel repairs

Insitu refurbishment of memorial headstones for Office of Australian War Graves

Livery changing including repairs & treatments in long-life coatings

LPG pump image upgrade including rust treatments & repairs

LPG tank, frames, pipework priming & 2pac painting onsite including signage

Onsite cleaning, priming, protective coating and signage applications

Onsite refurbishment of fuel pumps including panel & rust repairs attended all in 'cold work' processes

Onsite refurbishment of fuel pumps including rust & panel repairs in long-life coatings all attended as 'cold work'

Onsite refurbishment of LPG pump including necessary repairs

Onsite refurbishment of post boxes in long-life graffiti & UV resistant colour and clear coatings including supply & install of decals

Reimaging of forecourt assets including protective coating and accessory installs

Repairing & reimaging LPG pumps to create a clean & fresh image without compromise

Specialist coating applications and processes to repaint in sensitive environments

Specialist colour applications including repairs & decal supply and fitting

Specialist HVLP application & 2pac coating to match powder coated damaged surfaces

Specialist industrial preparatory & protective coating painting attended in hazardous environments

Specialist process and coatings at heights in the tight site and permitting constraints